December 11, 2018

School Flags

School flag

The school flag, as its name implies, is the school flag.

The flags include the name of the school and also with the school logo.

Most school flags are made up of the colors of school logos, as well as some vibrant colors.

Usually the school flag contain the name of the school or the school logo.

The school flag can spread school culture, morality and ideology.

It can shape the brand image of the school.

Improving the quality and connotation of the school.


The school flag is usually hung on the flagpole of the school.

The national flag is hoisted at the same time and lower than the national flag.

The school flag embodies the temperament of the school and highlights the cultural concept of the school.

Reflect the spirit of the school, show the school’s personality characteristics.

It is of great significance to a school.

School Flag Size

Knowing clearly the importance of the school flag to the school,

Next, we will introduce the school flag specifications and the size of the school flag.

First, Specification of school flag: 2.88 m x 1.92 M

Second,  Size of flag: 2.4 m *1.6 M

Third, Size of flag: 1.92 m * 1.28 M

Fourth, Size of flag: 1.44 m x 0.96 M


The ratio of length to width of school flag is 3:2 golden ratio.

When making the school flag, the first consideration is to determine the specifications of the school flag.

In addition the production specifications are highly related to the flagpole of the school.

The flagpole height is from 6 meters to 8 meters, and the No. 4 school flag can be 96 cm *144 cm.

The flagpole height is between 8 meters and 12 meters, which can make the No. 3 school flag 128 x 192 cm.

The flagpole height is from 12 meters to 15 meters, which can make No. 2 school flag 160 cm *240 cm.

When the height of flagpole is above 15 meters, the No. 1 school flag can be 192 cm x 288 cm.

School Flag Material

Our school flag can be made of warp knitted, polyester, Chunya, peach skin, Oxford cloth and so on.

Each kind of fabric has different characteristics as flag fabric.

Warp knitted spinning is flexible and elegant, with good pneumatic effect and crease resistance.

Chunya Textile is light and elegant, with high clarity, good durability and high cost performance.

Peach skin velvet has the characteristics of delicate handle, soft luster and elegance.

Oxford cloth has the characteristics of easy washing, quick drying, soft handle, good water absorption and no fear of rain.

Flagpole material

The flagpole material not only can be stainless steel,  also can be conical flagpole, electric flagpole, manual flagpole, three flagpole, etc.

Flagpole features: made of SUS304/SUS201 high quality stainless steel.

The flag head can rotate freely with 360 degrees in the wind to avoid the national flag winding around the flagpole.

Stainless steel rope is hidden inside the flagpole, and there is no flagpole rope outside the flagpole, so as to avoid the flagpole rope winding on the flagpole. Conical flagpole and three flagpole have built-in flagpole. Outside the flagpole.

Pneumatic flagpoles and so on.  We normally seal the top of the flagpole.

It is convenient to fix the flag on the flagpole to prevent the flag from falling off.

Every school flag reflects the cultural connotations of school-running idea, school motto, school style, education and style of study.

The school flag has distinct theme, profound implication and unique creativity.

It has a strong sense of form, visual and auditory communication effect. Let the school flag fly!