Zhao Gongming Banner

Zhao Gongming Banner, God of Wealth

This flag of God of Wealth, legendary as the road God of Wealth, he is in charge of the world’s financial resources, he is called Zhao Gongming.

Zhao Gongming is the God in charge of financial resources in Chinese folklore. Zhao Gongming is the true monarch of Jinlong’s Xuantan. He leads Baotianzhong, Nazhen Tianzun, Zhao Gongming’s messengers and Li Shixian officials to control all the gold and silver treasures in the world.

The God of wealth can be divided into two main categories: one is conferred by Taoism, the other is Chinese folk beliefs. Every family will have a flag of wealth to worship, Taoism conferred as the God of Heaven, belief as the God of Heaven.

In the flag, Zhao Gongming wore an iron crown with an iron whip. His face was black carbon and his beard was four. Riding on a black tiger, Grand Admiral Zhuozheng Yixuantan. It can drive away thunder and electricity, call for wind and rain, remove plague and malaria, and dispel diseases and disasters.

It can explain fairness, trade and seek wealth, be suitable for harmony and harmony, and it is not unsatisfactory. Moreover, he is versatile, changeable, able to drive thunder and serve electricity, call for wind and rain, and can save lives and relieve disasters for believers, and become the patron god of law for people.

Ancient Chinese people believed that Zhao Gongming and his men were in charge of four small gods related to wealth. They were Zhaobao, Nazhen, Zhaobao and Li Shi, which together became the Five Ways God of Wealth.

The banner of the God of Wealth pours into the simple feelings of the working people of China and places its trust on the good wishes of living and working in peace and contentment and good fortune in Italy.

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