Yusaku Kudo Wall Flags

Yusaku Kudo Flags

Yusaku Kudo in the flag is the father of Konan Edogawa, the protagonist in the Japanese animation “Famous Detective Conan”. The world\’s leading reasoning novelist.

Yusaku Kudo\’s reasoning ability is superior to New Year\’s, and he is a good friend of Eye Twilight Police Officer. He has been living in Los Angeles with his wife, Hiroko Ito. There are many flags in front of his house. It\’s very beautiful. They often travel around the world. He learned something new and smaller from Dr. Ali.

Gondo\’s excellent work in the flag, in the production of badges and case reasoning, can be said to be pure. And all aspects of ability are excellent, with a lot of vehicles such as aircraft driving license, in Hawaii to teach new shooting, driving cars, aircraft, helicopters, speedboats and the production of drug badges and other technologies. Not only in writing fiction, but also in helping to write game scenes, sometimes because of overseas travel and give up writing.

Yusaku Kudo Wall Flags

Yusaku Kudo Wall Flags

The new mother, Yoshiko, helped Japanese police to solve the case before she went to the United States. Twenty years ago, when she proposed to Yoshiko, Koto also met with a murder case. After marriage, although they often quarrel with their wives, which is called “quarrel between husband and wife every day”, they will soon get well. Most of them are excellent apologies first, and their feelings are still very good.

After Goto settled in the United States, he continued to work on fiction and flag-hanging. He often read newspapers to explain the reasoning of the case. Therefore, Hezi will become a well-known female detective in the United States – “Baroness of the Night”.

Goto\’s abilities are all-round, and he has more professional military knowledge, mainly manifested in pistol shooting, driving cars, airplanes, helicopters, speedboats and other means of transportation. Later, Goto\’s abilities were taught to his son, and he showed his skills with these abilities. In addition, he is also good at many foreign languages, reasoning and so on.

The excellent work of Gondo in our flag, bold and careful in everything, and calm in everything we do, has greatly helped Conan solve the case.

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