Various flags

Keep Your Flags

The flowing time, carrying various flags, pushes us all the way forward.

Sometimes I run, sometimes I walk.

What can not be retained is the years, what can be retained is the weight and stability that really settles in the heart.

Let’s do something useful and say something brave.

Raise the most beautiful flag, think of good things, sleep soundly,

Spend time on progress and grow with our banner.

The scenery along the way, the flags flying along the way,

Along with us, there has never been a moment’s pause.

Over the mountains, over the water, over the rugged.

After all, we have to carry our bags and carry our flags all the way.

Until I say goodbye to my young self.

Various flags

Various flags

Journey Life

Maybe the journey is a little hard and lonely, but only the flag accompanies us.

Only by surviving the wind and frost and ushering in the sunrise can we grow up.

Day after day, year after year, the colorful flag will not be forgotten.

Winter frost will not be late. It\’s just right to get together and leave.

Perhaps no one can predict the future. It is so far away that it has no shape.

And we\’d better seize the opportunity and fly it like a colorful flag.

Many people are living a hard life. They want everything and may want nothing.

Life is just like a cup of tea. It is only when you give up that you know its sweetness and put it down that you can smell its fragrance.

Let’s be warm, compassionate and tolerant on the road full of flags. In the cloth full of the custom embroidery patches.

Even if you have a thorough understanding of the world, you might as well pretend to be confused. Only when we don’t care about it, can we be the most easygoing.

There is no place in the world where work is not hard and personnel are not complicated.

Even if you repel the present unhappiness, time will not ignore you, still will pass quickly.

It\’s better to be like a colorful flag, let the wind blow and rain, and not give in. Keep your head up and your chest up, let it be natural and easy, and let it bring you luck and happiness.

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