Tikal Temple Flag

Tikal Temple Flag

Tikal is the largest Mayan city, built between 2000 and 900 A.D., with about 900 to 2000 people. Come with me to see the history and culture of the temple on the flag.

The Tikal Pyramid in the flag, the largest hall 72 meters (230 feet) high, was completed around 720 A.D. The fourth hall is the largest temple built in the Maya area. Mayan civilization is a mystery, Egyptian civilization is also a mystery, it seems that any ancient civilization can leave us numerous mysteries, and the farther the civilization is, the more mysterious the lack of understanding of civilization.

Mayan civilization is a good example. The story of the temple flag civilization spread from South America to Eurasia. After countless years of changes, it has become an advanced civilization related to aliens. The Mayans are really proficient in mathematics and astronomy, and their calculations are quite accurate. So they built high pyramids. If they are aliens, then the Arabs are not bad at math, the Egyptians’pyramids are even bigger, and they have more reason to be candidates for aliens.

Among the cultural heritages around the world, the Mayan civilization is quite outstanding, and the Mayan civilization can not be ignored. Compared with the civilization of the same period of the Europeans, the Mayan culture is developed and unpredictable. Mayan civilization is not only about architecture, but also about words and books. The book is rich in content, involving Mayan legends, astronomical records, medical records, ceremonial records, prophecies and so on. Most of these books were burned by the colonists.

The Temple of Tikal in the banner is one of the many cities of Mayan civilization, and also the largest and most complete one. It is called the mother of Mayan city.

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