Tiger flag

Tiger flag

There is an animal on our mountain forest amphibious flag. It is a tiger. Tigers can live well in tropical rain forests, evergreen broad-leaved forests in the south, deciduous broad-leaved forests and mixed coniferous and broad-leaved forests in the north. Tiger flag the same quality with our tiger custom patches.

Tigers, as we all know, are quite tough. Standing at the top of the food chain, almost all animals, except those in the ocean, can beat tigers. They can count with one finger. Tigers are the largest cats. They inherit all the advantages of cats. They can climb trees, swim, use their claws and teeth well, and have a body shape of more than 200 kilograms. All of these make them dominant in the wild. This is the brave king of mountains and forests on the flag.

In northeastern China, it is also found in mountain ridges, low forest shrubs and rocky or gravel ponds to facilitate predation. Tigers often move alone and only live together during the breeding season. No fixed nest, mostly wandering in the mountains and woods to seek food. Can swim, can’t climb trees. Due to the development of forest areas and the rapid increase of population, remote areas have been developed into villages and towns in the past. There are warning flags to pay attention to tigers in villages, because tigers often go to the neighborhood of forest settlements to find food. It also poses a threat to people’s lives.

Tigers mostly move in the dusk and rest latently during the day. They seldom come out without movement or stillness. Tigers have a large range of activities. In the north, they can hunt for solar eclipse for tens of kilometers. At the foot of the mountain, there are flags painted with tigers everywhere.

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