Think of your flag

Think of your flag

Miss you, is a miss, miss you. Is a rope, miss you, is a flag. That missing, the two people’s everything, are linked together.

Think of you, like a kite, no matter how high it flies, it is closely linked with the person on the ground, like a flag, no matter where it is, it is inseparable from you.

Think of you, like the tide, like a flag, fluttering, not around, on the heart. When one is alone, the feeling of missing you is happy and bitter.

Suddenly, when you look at the flag that misses you, there will be tears of missing, falling from the corner of your eyes. Think more, think more, stay with you forever, never separate.

Miss you, I do not know where to start, always and deeply. Nobody knows what missing is, only those who have loved deeply can feel it clearly. It’s nice to have a flag that misses you. Those who are missed are like bathing in the spring breeze, like the sunshine shining warmly on them.

The person who misses you will go into the dream. The dream is sweet. Everything is full of hope, everything is in the direction of happiness. Because every day I miss you and look at the flag I miss you, I will surely be in touch with you.

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