The World’s Wonderful Flowers Building Flag

The World’s Wonderful Flowers Building Flag

If you don’t go out, you want to travel around the world, and you want to see some special and wonderful buildings. Come here and enjoy the wonderful architecture of the world in the flag.

Prague has a dancing house. My impression of Prague is that the castle is magnificent, the old city is colorful, the sound of the astronomical clock is loud, and the night view of Charlie Bridge is intoxicating… These landmarks on the flag jointly pieced together Prague. The dancing house is a very peculiar house, which suddenly jumps out of many classical buildings, stands abruptly at the corner of the street, but gracefully.

The buildings around it are either Baroque, Gothic or neo-decorationist. Looking at the building on the flag, the house is novel and twisted, with clear lines, like two people hugging and dancing together, leaning and flying skirts. On the surface of the wall there is a streamline like a musical five-line spectrum, shuttling between the windows.

This modern building, which has a long history in Prague, stands in the center of the old city in a simple and solemn way. It is very dazzling. The strong contrast of style brings a deep visual impression to the first-time visitors. Language can hardly describe how they feel about it. It seems very innovative and has caused great controversy among the local people. Nowadays, the controversy seems to have been forgotten. Instead, it has become a new landmark building in Prague, injecting fresh blood into the city’s architecture.

Prague on the flag, as a representative of the new architecture, often appears in various tourism books and postcards, and has a high recognition of the special status.

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