The Unknown Girl Wall Banner

The Unknown Girl Wall Banner

In this painting, the painter shows a firm, decisive, thoughtful and youthful spirit.

Facial Close-up of the Unknown Girl

Typical of Chinese women, the portrayal of the characters in the painting is excellent in form and spirit, the soft tone and atmosphere of the picture, the authenticity and individuality of the image make the work with realistic elements.

Moreover, the attraction of this wall flag work lies in the artist’s successful excavation of the inner world of the characters. The woman, dressed in the fashionable clothes of northern China in winter, is sitting in a carriage with rich connotations in her squinting eyes, showing a look that is incompatible with the world, cold-eyed, disdainful, and unwilling to conform with it. This is an independent woman with personality. Sex, she is no longer the ornament of life, but a new woman who can think independently and have her own independent views on life. Her inner spiritual temperament makes her stand out from many Facebook characters and become a portrayal of the humanistic spirit.

The Unknown Girl Wall Banner

The Unknown Girl Wall Banner

The girl custom embroidery patches is also very popular.

This implies the attitude of some democratic intellectuals towards society at that time, and also reflects the artist\’s aesthetic view.

The painting truly shows a young Russian woman in the 19th century. Some say that she is the protagonist portrayed by the artist for Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina; others say that she is an actress, because the looming building in the background is the Alexander Theatre in Petersburg. The painter has created a new style of expression in portrait painting, that is, to depict portraits with thematic plots. What is displayed here is the image of a resolute, decisive, thoughtful and youthful Russian intellectual woman, giving people a strong artistic appeal.


The painting takes the winter city as the background, and the snow on the roof of the building and the bright sky set off the solemn and beautiful figure in the painting. As the core of the painting, the tilted body and head movements form an arrogant manner. Here, the painter intentionally lowers the horizon, highlights the girl\’s sublime eyes and the attitude of looking down on the audience, to increase her arrogance. The majesty of violation. At the same time, the unique diagonal composition in the painting also makes people feel as if the carriage is going to move forward.

In the painting, the artist fully displays the character’s spiritual elegance with realist thought, classical modeling techniques, with the help of the characters’gestures, movements, costumes and emotions, using strong contrast of light and shade and harmonious and elegant tones, and vividly displays the intellectual woman’s noble, self-esteem, fortitude and decisive personality, so as to achieve a high degree of unity of the connotation and skills of the work.

As the painter himself said in a letter, “You need a loud voice like a trumpet. Without thought, there is no art. At the same time, more importantly, without vigorous and profound expression, there will be no picture, even if there is a good wish, it is futile.” The painting is the embodiment of his artistic viewpoint and style. The whole image of the picture reflects a solid sketch foundation, giving people a strong artistic appeal.

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