Thanksgiving flag

Thanksgiving flag

Every encounter in life is fate. Thanksgiving flag, thanks to meet.

In the endless river of time, in the vast sea of thousands of people, there is neither an early step nor a late step, grateful meeting, grateful flag.

There may be laughter, tears, regrets and misses, but we finally met in each other’s lives. Gratitude meets, gratitude flag.

Everyone in the world is lonely. When a person comes to this world, he will leave alone at last. But we are not lonely, because we will meet many people in our lifetime, and the memories left behind are warm and vivid. Gratitude meets, gratitude flag.

Thank everyone in your life. Whether he gives you help when you are in trouble, makes you feel the beauty of life, or if he tripped you on your way, he gives you the courage to get up. Gratitude meets, gratitude flag.

All of these will become my growing power and inspire me to move forward continuously. To everyone in my life, thank you for not leaving when I was down. Thank you for the love and care you have given me. On the way to the future, thank you for meeting me, thank you for the flag.

So I don’t feel lonely. I will cherish our friendship in my heart. Gratitude meets the flag of gratitude!

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