“Thank you, be my child”

“Thank you, be my child” flag

When I know that there is a life in my mother, I am full of happiness and gratitude. What I want to say to my children is in the flag I made.

The most unforgettable thing is that he heard his fetal heart for the first time, touched the fetal movement for the first time, and saw the fat body like broad beans in the black and white image of B-mode ultrasound for the first time. Every time is full of touching. After he was born, he saw his appearance for the first time. Although it was black and wrinkled, he still lamented the miracle of life. Thank God for giving me such a healthy life. What I want to say to you is in the flag.

As a father, I didn’t do much for you, but my baby gave me a lot in return. For the first time, I raised my head, melted the smile of the world for the first time, climbed out of the door for the first time, stood up with the sofa for the first time, walked with trepidation for the first time, and struggled to walk in this vast world on my own feet. What I want to say to you is in the flag.

I cherish being with you every minute for fear of missing a smile and a cry from you. Watch you stand on tiptoe through the puddle, watch you secretly hide to eat favorite candy, watch you laugh happily with your beloved toys, watch you play coquettish for what you want to get loved, in fact, this minute and second I am enjoying happiness. Because of my care for you, you have rewarded me with your life. Because I know that love is to let go, and finally one day, you are not dependent on me, have your own friends, have their own world, so now I am particularly cherishing. Now if happiness is, have all of you, then when you enter kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school. I will accompany you through other forms. What I want to say to you is in the flag.

But at any stage, I firmly believe that I will be grateful for every day that I can accompany you. Thank you for coming to this world as my child. Maybe you have more and better choices, better parents and richer families, but you have come to me. Thank you for being my child.

So I’m grateful. Thank you for coming. Thank you for being my child. These are what I want to say to you, all in the flag.

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