Take your mood with the beach flag

Take your mood, take the beach flag and go skiing

In a winter without snow, there are always some imperfections. Don’t end this winter with plain regret. Take the flag with you and go to the Banwei Plateau in Nagano. Let’s have a skiing trip.

Banwei Plateau ski resort, located at the junction of Changye County and Xinwei County, is the plateau resort where Banwei Mountain is located. Banwei Plateau is a high latitude and forestry geographical environment, as well as unique natural conditions, making it an excellent winter skiing resort, snow on both sides of the beach flags in the wind, mountains in the distance, one after another. This plateau used to be the venue for the Winter Olympic Games and the host of Japan’s first World Cup of Freestyle Skiing.

Skiing enthusiasts from all over the world, wearing ski suits, glasses, waving flags in hand, wearing eye-catching badges on their chest, like the stars, slip from the benefits of the mountains one by one. Tourists, including beginners, advanced skiers, or families who come to visit on vacation, can find their own infinite pleasure here. Each family has flags and custom embroidery patches in a uniform color. For beginners and children, there are also free-skating parks, children’s paradise, sledding and other family-oriented experience activities.

The 31 trails of the Banwei ski resort, which have all the satisfying trails from the elementary level to the advanced level, glide down the beach flag all the way, are very beautiful. Snow paths also have a balanced structure. The higher the top, the greater the slope, and the gentler the foot of the mountain.

The Banwei Plateau ski resort is a 100% natural ski resort. Snow is the favorite pink snow for snowmen, and there are many kinds of snow paths, which are suitable for everyone to ski. With 13 interesting tree ski courses, Banwei Plateau ski resort is the largest ski resort in Japan. The best quality of pink snow is exciting. Don’t hesitate. Take your family flag and go skiing.

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