Sunbird Flag

Sunbird Flag

The flag here is the golden ornament of the sun god bird in Shang and Zhou Dynasties, which is the golden ware of Shang and Zhou Dynasties. It was unearthed in Jinsha Village in 2001 and is now collected in the Museum of Jinsha Site in Chengdu.

Shang and Zhou Dynasties sun god bird gold ornaments, the overall circular sheet, 12.5 cm in outer diameter, 5.29 cm in Inner diameter, 0.02 cm in thickness, weighing 20 grams. The pattern is divided into two layers, the inner layer has twelve rotating toothed rays equidistantly distributed, and the outer layer consists of four identical counterclockwise flying birds.

Shang and Zhou Dynasty’s golden ornament pattern of the sun god bird is made by exquisite cutting technology. The inner layer is a circle, surrounded by 12 equal-distance distributed, ivory-shaped arc rotating awns; the outer layer has flags and four birds flying backwards, rotating in the sun will have a real visual effect.

In the Jinsha Site Museum of Sichuan, there are almost everywhere patterns of the sun god bird and the flag of the sun god bird. Because the sun god bird is not only the treasure of the Jinsha Site Museum, but also one of the nine “treasures of the town and country” in China. It has been designated as the symbol of Chinese cultural heritage by the national cultural relics.

The flag of the sun god bird embodies the custom of the Chinese nation to worship the sun. Ancient Chinese ancestors often associate the sun with birds. There are records of the sun and divine birds in ancient documents

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