South China Tiger Banner

South China Tiger Banner

Did you see the South China tiger on this flag? The South China tiger is also known as the tiger. Make your custom tiger patches, stick at your jacket backside.

Tigers are large cats with light yellow or brown fur and full body of large cats; their fur is light yellow or brown yellow, covered with black stripes; their heads are round, ears are short, the back of their ears is black, and a white spot is prominent in the center; their limbs are strong and strong; their tails are thick and long, with black rings and black stripes at the end of their tails; their heads are round, ears are short, the back of their ears is black, and there is a white spot in the center. The legs are strong and powerful; the tail is thick and long, with black rings on it. This is a seemingly ferocious flag.

The South China tiger on the flag is one of the largest mammalian cats. It is endemic to Asia. Its origin is mainly in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia. Tiger is a highly evolved predator and an indispensable part of natural ecology. The adult tiger can reach 2-3.5 meters in length, 1 meter in tail length and 200-350 kilograms in weight.

In addition to its huge size and powerful muscles, tigers have black vertical stripes on their white to orange fur. This stripe of tigers brightens our flags a lot and lightens the stripes on the lower half of them. Tigers are ferocious and powerful. They are the king of forests and the king of animals.

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