Red-haired Pirate Regiment Flag

Red-haired Pirate Regiment Flag

Today, our flag is about Shanks, who is the character in the Japanese cartoon “The Pirate King” and its derivatives, known as “Red Hair”.

One of the four emperors of the new world in the second half of the great voyage, the captain of the Red-Haired Pirate Regiment, is the youngest of the four emperors. The Pirate Regiment has its own flag. He has the power of hegemony and hegemony. He is extremely powerful and can cause harm to the entity.

The Shanks in the flag were well-proportioned, with red hair, three scars on his left eye, stubble on his mouth, and his left arm was bitten off by the king of the coastal waters for rescuing his way.

The colour of the flag is red. He is wearing a white shirt with half buttons. Sometimes he wears a long black cloak, white patterned pants, flip-flops under his feet, and the famous sword “Griffin” at his waist.

Shanks in the flag had always worn Roger’s straw hat. He was originally a trainee of the Roger Pirates, and after the dissolution of the Roger Pirates, he formed his own group of pirates, called the Red Hair Pirates.

Although you are familiar with Shanks, but many people do not know his pirate flag, which appears in the memory of Luffy, the pirate flag of Shanks, this flag is terrible, the people on board are very fierce.

This flag is marked by the scar on Shanks’face. If his strength is not well controlled, it will involve all the people around him. On the contrary, if the bully reaches the upper level, it will achieve the effect of oppression. Having the “King’s Qualification” which is based on human beings.

Looking at the strength of the people in the flag of the regiment also reveals the mystery of the true strength of the Red Hair regiment for us!

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