Red Coral Flag: A Beautiful Legend

Red Coral Flag: A Beautiful Legend

There is a mysterious place on earth that people yearn for infinitely. That is the ocean. What’s more wonderful is that the coral reefs in the underwater world are dazzling and nurturing numerous marine life. Today, follow our Red Coral flag to learn about the red coral which is going away from us.

Coral, the oldest marine organism on earth, appeared 500 million years ago. Many people think that corals are plants. In fact, from a biological point of view, corals are animals, which are formed by the accumulation of numerous tiny corals. Corals are coelenterates. They are small and beautiful, but very delicate. It’s as beautiful and precious as the coral on our custom flag and custom embroidery patches.

PANTONE, the world’s most renowned color expert, chose “live coral orange” as its annual representative color to express their concern about global climate change and its environmental impact.

Corals, known as submarine rainforests, accumulate slowly when they secrete lime to form bones. These limestones form coral reefs. The coral we see on the flag is orange, with beautiful antennae, but in fact, today’s coral reefs are slowly whitening.

The role of coral reefs is to protect against predators and to provide shelter for other coral insects. Millions of unknown organisms live in or around coral reefs. However, in recent years, environmental pollution has brought great danger to coral reefs all over the world.

Corals, the coral reef platform developed, can greatly alleviate the damage of natural disasters such as typhoons and storm surges to coastal ecology. The petrochemical process of deep-sea corals is completed in the deep sea. Coral jades have small pore size, high density and compact structure. They are also the main materials of various sculpture works of art and jewelry.

Over the past 30 years, half of the coral reefs have disappeared. The formation of coral reefs takes hundreds or even tens of thousands of years. It is home to more than a quarter of the world’s marine life. The huge biodiversity in coral reefs is of great help to the advancement of medicine.

If we don’t stop destroying the environment, then red coral is so beautiful that we can only see red coral on the flag.

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