Rainbow flags flying

Rainbow flags

Rainbow flag, seven colors, seven heroic postures, red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, let\’s compile seven colors on the flag.

Rainbow flag, different beauty, rainbow, is one of the meteorological phenomena, after rain optical phenomenon, when sunlight shines on the droplets in mid-air, light is refracted and reflected, forming an arch-shaped seven-color spectrum in the sky, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple seven colors from the outer circle to the inner circle.

The rainbow on the flag can have countless colors, for example, there are many subtle colors between red and orange. Rainbow, in fact, as long as there are water droplets in the air, and the sun is shining behind the observer at a low angle, it may produce an observable rainbow phenomenon.

Rainbow flags flying

Rainbow flags flying

Rainbows appear most often in the afternoon, just after the rain, when it turns sunny. In this time, there is less dust and little water droplets in the air. One side of the sky is darker because there are still rainclouds, and the observer can see the sunshine without clouds on his head or behind him, so that the rainbow will be more easily seen.

Another place where rainbows are often visible is near waterfalls. Rainbows can be seen in the sky from the back to the sun in clear weather.

To print a rainbow on a flag is to keep the beauty. Because the beauty and gorgeousness of the rainbow is a phenomenon that people can understand as a beautiful existence.

Ancient people used mythology to explain the phenomenon of rainbow on the earth, which represents beauty and brilliance, so rainbow occupies a place in mythology. Want to take the rainbow home? Let\’s bring you our rainbow flag and rainbow badge.

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