Porsche sports flag

Porsche sports flag

Porsche is a famous German automobile company. It was founded in 1930 in Stuttgart. It is famous in the world for producing high-grade sports cars and car flags.

Ferdinand Bolsher, the founder of Porsche, is a well-known designer in the world car industry. In 1931, Porsche was founded in Stuttgart, famous for producing high-end sports cars in the world. Founder Ferdinand Bolsher (with Ferdinand Porsche) is a world-renowned sports car and flag designer. Porsche has been trying to combine possibilities with seemingly impossible things. For sports cars, “Porsche” is no different from a global synonym.

Porsche’s family-style front face will not be lacking, unique hatchback design and Q5 have essential differences. Macan is a five-seat SUV with a more sporty design style and flag design on both sides, making it look like a cross-border vehicle. The introduction of Macan fills the gap of Porsche brand in the medium-sized SUV market, and sets off a new round of competition in the market with high brand value, sporting style and differentiated customized services.

In recent years, with the development of sports cars, few brands can sell luxury goods like Porsche. In the advertisement of the new car Porsche 911, there is an advertisement saying: “In an era full of superfluity and superficiality, in an age full of frivolity and roughness, only Porsche 911 is a real necessity, there is no substitute for it.” Let the Porsche flag fly!

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