Pine needle flag

Pine needle flag

Pines are the longest of a hundred trees. They will not wither after winter. They are proud of the wind and snow, and are evergreen all the year round. Next, let’s enjoy the pine needle flag and feel the beauty of the pine tree from the flag.

Pine needles, the leaves of a pine tree, the shape of which is as sharp and thin as a needle, are called pine needles. Pine needles belong to Pinaceae. The needles of Siberian Korean Pine, Black Pine, Pinus tabulaeformis, Pinus koraiensis, Pinus armandii, Pinus yunnanensis, Pinus Simao and Pinus massoniana are among the plants.

Pine needle extracts from pine trees can be used to dilate arteries and blood vessels, increase the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, promote blood circulation, improve the function of capillaries, and improve immunity. Pine needle flags are green in color and can also play a regulatory role in human eyes.

In traditional Chinese culture, pine, bamboo and plum are known as “three friends of the year”. Pine trees are proud of the wind and snow, fearless of frost and cold, and display excellent personality and integrity. Pine trees were often painted on various flags as early as Wu Daozi in Tang Dynasty, and later used in landscape paintings.

We strive to achieve that every pine tree is vividly depicted on the flag, but also on the basis of customers, each person’s different aesthetic tastes, we will choose the drawing method you need, as well as ink, outline different pine needle shape.

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