Philosophy on the Flag

Philosophy on the Flag

Don’t be fussy about life, because from the moment you were born, time belongs to you less and less. The flag will accompany you.

This life is good or bad, only you know, happy or unhappy only your own flag understand. No matter good or bad, don’t regret, no matter happy or not, don’t be disappointed.

Because a good life is wonderful, and a bad life is also an experience. Both good and bad are experiences in flags. Good is wonderful, bad is sharpening.

The cause of life does not need to be earth-shaking. It can be guided by the flag. The money of life does not need to be inexhaustible. It can only be spent. Children around them need not be more male than female, filial piety will do.

Only in this life can we live happily, be ordinary, do things conscientiously and earnestly, and make flags steadily can we live in vain. Everything can be bad, but only the mood can not be bad.

Anything can be lacked, only self-confidence can not be lacked, anything can be forgotten, only fitness can not be forgotten, anything can be done casually, only the production of flags can not be sloppy.

Many things are not what you want. When we encounter things that we don’t like but can’t change, the only thing we can do is to work hard and make our flag well. After the cold winter, spring will come.

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