Pagani sports car flag

Pagani sports car flag

Pagani is a world-renowned supercar and flag manufacturer founded by Horacio Pagani. Like the famous Ferrari, it was born in the Italian town of Modena, which has a reputation as a super-runner.

The company was founded by Olasio Pagani.

Pagani’s super sports car is famous for its excellent performance, flag and exquisite craftsmanship, high price and rare production. Unlike some sport car manufacturers that are just a flash in the pan, Pagani is comparable to Ferrari with its strong financial resources and perfect technology.

In the global sports car market, the reputation of Pagani Zonda R is catching up with that of Bugatti Veyron, the first European sports car. The flag of the same car also has super popularity, and the company of Ferrari is also located in Modena, the hometown of Italian super sports car.

Pagani opened his own studio in Argentina for automobile and flag manufacturing. In addition to designing and manufacturing automobiles, he also designed and manufactured bar furniture. In the first year, he designed and built a caravan and trailer, and in the second year, he built a complete F2 single-seater sports car. From then on, Pagani began to take over projects from other big car companies.

The Pagani logo is made up of English famous cars whose name is added to the birthplace of the brand. The background design of the logo’s flag has the feeling of automobile craftsmanship.

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