Orchid flag

Orchid flag

Orchids: Cymbidium SSP is an epiphytic or terrestrial herb with several to many leaves, usually on the base or lower nodes of pseudobulbs. It is banded or rarely oblanceolate to narrow elliptic. Make Orchid to be custom embroidery patches. It usually has a broad sheath at the base and encloses pseudobulbs, with joints. Orchid and flower flags are elegant and noble.

Orchid is a flower with unique style, and its ornamental value is also very high. Our orchid and flower flag is a kind of flower flag for viewing. Orchids are light and elegant in color, most of them are light green and yellow green, but especially those with simple heart are precious. The fragrance of orchid is clear but not turbid. A pot is in the room, overflowing with fragrance. “Hand Pei Lan Rui two or three plants, warm wind and the next open; sitting for a long time do not know the fragrance in the room, when pushing the window there are butterflies flying.” This poem of the ancients expresses the fragrance of orchids vividly and vividly. Some orchids are graceful and meaningful, some are graceful and magnificent, rich in change. Orchid leaves are green all the year round, firm and soft, graceful posture, even if not flowering, but also like a living work of art.

Orchids have several or more flowers in the shape of inflorescence, the color is white, pure white, white-green, yellow-green, light yellow, yellowish-brown, yellow, red, green and purple. There are many kinds of orchid plants in China, such as Chunlan, Huilan, Jianlan, Melan and Hanlan, which are usually referred to as “Chinese orchid”. This kind of orchid is very different from the large-colored tropical orchid. It has no striking gorgeous appearance, no huge flowers and leaves, just like our orchid flag, light purple, charming and lovely. However, it has a simple, quiet, elegant and noble temperament, very in line with the aesthetic standards of Orientals.

Orchids have been cultivated for over a thousand years in China. Chinese people have always regarded orchids as symbols of nobility and elegance, juxtaposed with plum, bamboo and chrysanthemum, which are called “Four Gentlemen”. Orchid Zhang is usually used as a metaphor for the beauty of poetry. “Lanjiao” is a metaphor for the sincerity of friendship. Orchids are also used to express pure love. Some famous sentences such as “Qi is as long as orchid, heart is as long as orchid does not change”. In May 1985, orchids were rated as one of the top ten famous flowers in China.

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