Nicholas Cage Banner

Nicholas Cage Banner

Nicolas Cage, born in California on January 7, 1964, is an American actor. Let’s take a look at the introduction in our flag.

There is a famous family in Hollywood. In the ancient rituals, each family has its own family flag, which will be passed down from generation to generation.

The father of the family is a director of the deafening film Godfather series. Francis Ford Coppola and his daughter Sophia Coppola are famous for the movie Lost in Tokyo and somewhere in the movie world, which will be recorded in the flag of the Hip-hop family.

In this family, there is a cousin named Nicholas Cage, who is popular all over the world with the film “Leave Las Vegas” and “National Treasure” series. This family is known as the “Coppola family” of the film family.

Later, Nicholas Cage also appeared in action movies such as “Face Change” and “Air Prison”. In 2002, Cage directed his director’s debut Sonny. In 2004, Nicholas Cage starred in National Treasure. In 2007, Nicholas Cage became the annual box office and flag seller with two movies starring him, The Soul Chariot and National Treasure 2.

In 2010, Nicholas Cage starred in the film Apprentice to the Wizard. Later, however, Nicolas Cage tried to weaken his relationship with his family. He was unwilling to record everything on his family flag for fear that others might say something about it. With the innate gene of art and the unremitting struggle of the day after tomorrow, he finally grew from an unknown nationality to an international superstar.

In his nearly 10 years of film career, he stumbled and almost disappeared on the big screen, and had to make people sigh! But the flag we made won’t forget him.

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