December 9, 2018

National Flags

Printing National flags

The national flag is not only a symbol of a country, but also a spiritual belief. It refers to people’s willingness to believe in and use it as a guide for their behavior. It has a certain inspiration, can guide people’s way forward, and is also a spiritual force.

The flag can sometimes be used for propaganda, or purely for decoration. Every country, place and army of every country, such as navy, army and air force, usually has its own national flag. At present, the national or regional flags of most countries are usually rectangular, while some flags use square, triangle or irregular pentagon. The standard length and width of the national flag are made according to 3:2 size. It can also be made separately under special circumstances.

Our company undertakes the customization and processing of national flags. The specifications, sizes and materials of national flags are as follows:

National Flags Details

1. The general criteria of the flag are as follows:

(1) 288 cm long and 192 cm high.

(2) 240 cm long and 160 cm high.

(3) 192 cm long and 128 cm high.

(4) 144 cm long and 96 cm high.

(5) 96 cm long and 64 cm high

2. When the national flag is hoisted at the same time as other flags, the national flag should be placed in the central position, or in a higher or prominent position.

3. Outdoor vertical flagpole reference table:

(1) The flagpole is 15-18 metres high and the No. 1 flag is hung.

(2) The flagpole is 12-15 meters high and hangs No. 2 flag.

(3) The flagpole is 8-12 meters high and hangs the flag No. 3.

(4) The flagpole is 6-8 meters high and the flag number 4 is hung.

(5) No. 5 flag can be hoisted below 6 meters.

4. National Flag Printing and Dyeing Technology

My choice of discharge process, more than the paint silk printing process to increase the brightness of the flag, the current discharge process is ahead of the flag industry, its characteristics of accurate coloring, both sides can be dyed thoroughly, the effect is good elegant, the flag color is bright, color fastness is strong. It achieves the perceptual effect of advertising color.

5. Our company produces stainless steel conical flagpole.

Using professional imported processing equipment, advanced and mature production experience, so that the whole conical flagpole has no joints, no welds, and the surface is treated by horizontal wire drawing, beautiful and generous. Wire drawing is also one of the most popular surface treatment technologies in today’s stainless steel products industry. Wire drawing process is very fastidious about procedures and processes, generally need to cooperate with the wire drawing machine to repair and restore the scratch position and weld seam of products, and ultimately achieve the overall effect of wire drawing art, with good feel, fine gloss, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

6. We also use post-weld annealing to eliminate or pre-weld anti-deformation offset.

In addition, in the process of operation, the method of sectional back welding can be used to weld symmetrically as far as possible, and from the middle to both sides of the welding.

7.Flag Rope

The flag rope of the flagpole is also made of special stainless steel wire rope, which is placed inside the flagpole. It is not rusty, easy to break and durable. So greatly improve the overall aesthetic and trial use.

The national flag is the symbol of a country. A flag of high quality can reflect a country’s political characteristics and cultural tradition and history through its style, color and pattern.