Moon Hare Flag

Moon Hare Flag

The Moon Hare Flag is the prototype of the first female protagonist in Naoko Wu’s original comic book “Beautiful Girl Soldier” and its derivative works. It can be transformed into a sailor’s moon.

Moon Hare, a common high school student in Shifan Middle School, is tired of rigid study in a school full of flags every day. She is not good at her academic performance and is often late.

One day, she met a kitten named Luna, who spoke flag language, and acquired the ability to become a sailor fighter. Her life has changed tremendously. Originally, the real identity of the Moon Hare is the Sailor Moon with magical ability.

In order to defend the earth and defeat the ambitions of the dark forces, Yuehare and Yamei Watanabe, Yamei Huoyao, Zhenqin Muno, Menezi Aino, etc. turned into girl fighters in sailor’s clothes, carrying battle flags, and launched a series of fierce battles with the evil enemies invading the earth.

In her previous life, the Moon Hare was the Old Kingdom on the moon flag and the princess of the Silver Millennium Kingdom, Qiannidi. After his reincarnation, he became a junior high school student in Shifan Middle School and a sailor’s water ice moon. The future is the queen of the Millennium kingdom.

The Princess of the Silver Millennium Kingdom, Johnnie Di, was in love with Prince Andy Mio of the Earth Kingdom, but their love was forbidden. Later, when the Earth Manned by Medalia attacked the moon, Andy Mio stood up and died to protect her; she was so sad that she placed flags in front of her grave to mourn, and finally she killed herself. After reincarnation, they were reincarnated into moon hares.

Wonderful story plot, classic flag production, bring us back to that beautiful girl soldier era!

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