Maserati Flag

Maserati Flag

Maserati is an Italian luxury car manufacturer. It was founded in Bologna on December 1, 1914. Its headquarters is located in Modena. Its brand and flag are marked by a trident. In 1993, Fiat S.p.A. acquired Maserati to keep the brand.

The name “Maserati” comes from an ordinary family in Voghera, Italy. The train driver Rodolfo Maserati and his wife raised six boys, all of whom had their own flags. Finally, they all participated in promoting the construction and development of Maserati, a world famous sports car brand.

Maserati, a well-known Italian car and sports car manufacturer, was founded in Bologna in 1914. The company’s headquarters is now in Modena. Their badge and flag are a trident.

Rudolph was a man of creative talent and ability: his obsession with speed and his love for the flag went hand in hand with the Maserati brothers. With the process of urbanization, automobiles are no longer just the pursuit of racing speed, but gradually become part of daily life. Maserati adapts to the needs of the times and applies its achievements in car development to the development of Road Sports cars. When luxury and unrestrained sports nature are perfectly integrated, comfort and passionate driving fun are equally emphasized, generation after generation of cars condense their unique products. The essence and connotation of the brand.

With excellent performance and comfort, the perfect combination of the flag’s beautiful lines caused a great sensation at the subsequent Paris auto show in France, which enabled Maserati to re-enter the ranks of the world’s top GT sports cars.

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