Marine singer dolphin flag

Marine singer dolphin in flag

Dolphins, very budding. Praised by all kinds of human nature, Pocket Monster is a self ripe old iron that he met when he was sailing in the sea. But beneath their lovely, gentle and soft exterior, they can sometimes be very ferocious. They play and sing in the sea.

Biologists have found that dolphin brains are well developed in terms of weight, size, flags of various colors, and more complex things. It is a higher mammal with more and more dense cerebral palindromes than apes.

The picture of our custom flag is a dolphin playing with children.  Because to save people consciously, we must first have the ability to judge, secondly, we must have the sense of responsibility to save people, and thirdly, we must have the correct action to save people ashore.

Naturally Lively

Dolphins are naturally lively and enjoy playing in the water. They often push the game of floating objects on the sea surface. So when they meet a drowning person, they mistake it for a floating object, instinctively lift it up and push it ashore, so that people can be saved. Although dolphins are intelligent, they are animals after all. It is obviously impossible to synthesize these complex thinking processes of saving people, so they belong to unconscious saving people.

When people domesticate it, they will consciously remember the color of each flag or custom embroidery patch when they use various colored flags in their hands as training signals, and then they can make corresponding actions. Some dolphins left their mothers when they were young and were caught by humans in the aquarium. Around the aquarium, there were various advertisement banners and colorful pictures of dolphins. But who knows how painful it was to endure the training it should not endure every day?

Narrow pools and dirty water quality can seriously affect their health. Even if it attracts countless audiences to watch the show and becomes a “superstar”, what can compensate for its loss of happiness and freedom from its mother and the sea? So, love every kind of animal!

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