Lutes sports car flags

Lutes sports car flags

Lotus Cars, once translated as Lotus Cars, is a world-renowned sports car and racing car manufacturer headquartered in Norfolk, UK. It was founded in 1952 by Colin Chapman. The flagged sports car is famous for its pure driving pleasure and lightweight design.

In the automotive industry, Lotus Cars is a legendary brand, with Porsche, Ferrari and known as the world’s three major sports car manufacturers. On June 15, 2011, Lotus Cars joined hands with its only official partners in China, Lutes China and Lutes, to announce in Beijing that the “Lotus” brand has officially entered the Chinese market.

Lutes entered China and released Lotus’s official Chinese name “Lutes” in China, as well as the flag-hanging trademark of Lutes specially designed for the Chinese market. This series of initiatives marks the official landing of Lotus, a British brand that inherits racing and DNA from top competitive sports cars in China.

But after Lotus entered China, it could not be labeled with the word “lotus” directly in the rear of the car. The company must insert Lutes flag sign on both sides of the car. The transliteration of Lotus’s name “Lutes” was subsequently enabled.

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