Lovely little monk’s flag

Lovely little monk’s flag

In the banner of the little monk, loneliness is not born, but begins with falling in love with a person. You give him the right to control your mood, which means that when you are sad, even if he hurts your qualifications, you give it to him.

The little monk said in his banner, “This is always the case in the world. If you can’t get it, you will love it more.” If it’s too easy to come, ignore it. He who falls in love first is doomed to lose.

The little monk said in his banner that whoever moves first will be distressed. Whoever gives his heart first will be disappointed. Tens of millions of flourishes in the world are less than his words.

In the banner of the little monk, he said that all the faces on earth were worse than his eyes. No matter how busy the crowd is, without his company, it will still feel lonely. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, you can’t enjoy it with him, or you will feel abandoned.

In the banner of the little monk, it is said that loving a person means 10,000 heartbeats and breaths, and 10,000 bows and sighs. How happy he can make you laugh and how loud you cry.

Once in my heart, I had thought of giving up countless times, but whenever I looked at him, memories came back to my heart, and I had to persuade myself to be strong again, to look at the lovely little monk in the banner, close my eyes, meditate, recite sutras and ritual Buddha!

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