Lishi Xianguan Banner

Lishi Xianguan Banner

Qizili Xianguan Goddess of Wealth, a small God of wealth spread among Chinese people, is a disciple of Zhao Gongming, named Yao Shaoshi.

“Lishi” means luck and auspiciousness in colloquial expressions, and also refers to profits from sales. Lishi fairy official is the most popular among businessmen. Every New Year, people will stick it on the door, or as a flag on the window, or on the wall, in order to get lucky and make a fortune.

The God of wealth in Lishi is the God of good fortune, and is also a common image of God of wealth in the banner of folk lucky New Year pictures. They are deeply loved and worshipped by people. The fifth day of the first lunar month is the birthday of the Five Ways God of Wealth.

On the fifth day of junior high school, when it was just lightening, you could hear a burst of firecrackers in both urban and rural areas. In order to receive the God of wealth in advance, most businessmen hold the ceremony of greeting God on the fourth night of junior middle school. They prepare fruit products, cakes and pig heads, the God of wealth flag and other sacrificial supplies, and invite God of wealth to drink.

At that time, the owner held incense candles and went to the five halls of the gods of wealth in the southeast, northwest, central and western regions to receive the God of wealth. After the five gods of wealth joined together, they hung up the paper horse of the God of wealth, lit incense candles, hung flags and worshipped by all, and then burned the paper horse of the God of wealth.

In the early morning of the fifth day, people rushed to open the door, beat gongs and drums, set off firecrackers, and welcomed the God of wealth. After taking over the God of wealth, we gathered together to drink and eat until dawn to open the door for business. It is said that one year can be guaranteed “prosperous business, prosperous financial resources”.

In the banner of the God of Wealth, it expresses the good wish of the working people to ward off evil spirits, eliminate disasters and welcome good fortune.

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