Know the flag

Know the flag

If you don’t go through the darkness, you don’t know how to cherish the dawn. If you don’t go through the painful past, you don’t know how to cherish the present. These principles are all in the flag.

You will never understand the joy of seeing the stars, nor the significance of the dawn.

People come and go, the future is not long, every fate in life, should know how to treasure. Understand that there are all kinds of human states in the flag, and things are changeable.

Every parting in life should be blessed. Every person who cares about you and treats you honestly deserves to be rewarded very much. He knows how to be grateful for the flag.

For those who don’t care about you and don’t know what you’re giving, know the flag will say to him, I not only know how to cherish, but also let go.

Being a man depends on one’s sincerity, doing things, depending on one’s steadfastness and being a flag. We use sincerity and sincerity.

We do flag heart-to-heart, steadfast, honest, hypocritical perfunctory behavior we will not, we know how to cherish, understand that the flag is our direction.

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