Impression Sunrise Wall Flags

Impression Sunrise Wall Flags

This impression of the sunrise oil painting wall flags depicts a view of the sunrise through mist at the port of Averl.

Directly punctuated brush strokes depict an ambiguous background in the morning fog.

Various colors give the water an infinite glow.

The inaccurate descriptions made the boats dimly visible.

It truly depicts the visual impression of the painter given by the light and color at sunrise in the French harbour city.

Because it broke through the shackles of traditional painting, one critic borrowed the title of the painting.

The School of painting named “Impressionism” which mocked a group of young painters, represented by Monet, who demanded innovation and creation.

This painting was exhibited at the first joint exhibition of Impressionist painters, which opened on March 25, 1874. This painting is the most typical of Monet’s paintings.

The wall flag printed with this work shows you the hazy fishing harbor. Customer embroidery patches can also be designed for special needs.

Impression Sunrise Wall Flags

Impression Sunrise Wall Flags

Morning Sunrise

Sunrise Impression depicts the harbor at sunrise in the morning fog.

In tones of lavender, reddish, blue-grey and orange-yellow,

A vibrant red sun was pulling an orange-yellow ray of light from the sea.

Seawater, sky and scenery are interleaved and integrated in a relaxed style.

The three boats in the coastal waters gradually became blurred in the mist, and the buildings, ports, cranes, ships, masts and so on in the distance were also dimly visible in the morning light…

It is so bold to show the scene of mist blending with “disorderly” brush strokes.

This is a rebellion of art for the traditional Salon Academic artists.

This rebellious painting has aroused official opposition.

The origin of painting

He also painted a Sunset at the same place. When he A journalist satirized Monet\’s painting as “a negation of beauty and truth, only an impression”. Monet titled the painting Sunrise Impression. As a seascape sketch, the whole picture is shrouded in a thin gray tone. The brush strokes are very random and disorderly, showing a scene of mist blending. At sunrise, the sea fog is hazy and the water reflects the color of the sky and the sun. The scenery on the shore is dim and blurred, which gives people a momentary feeling.

Some critics sarcastically said, “The rough wallpaper is more complete than this seascape!” According to the title of the painting, some people allege that the young artists headed by Monet are “Impressionists”, so “Impressionism” has become the laurel Laureate of this school.


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