I’m a clown fish flag. Do you like me?

I’m a clown fish flag. Do you like me?

I am a clown fish, belonging to the Sparrowfish family Anemone subfamily, mainly distributed in the Pacific, Indian Ocean, Red Sea and other sea areas. I’m brightly colored. If you paint me on the flag, you can see me every day.

According to the current statistics, there are 28 kinds of clown fish in our family. The common clown fish species are clown fish, black leopard clown fish, red clown fish, double-ribbon clown fish and so on. Every fish will surprise you.

Because most of our clown fish are bright with stripes, and there are usually one or two white stripes on their faces, which are similar to the clown characters in Chinese Peking Opera, so we are also called “clown fish”.

Because the clown fish regards the sea anemone as a defensive habitat, and the clown fish attracts other fish close to increase the chance of the sea anemone to catch food, so the clown is also called “sea anemone fish”. The clown fish and the sea anemone are symbiotic relations.

Because of the protection of sea anemones, I am protected from other big fish. At the same time, the food left by sea anemones can be provided to me, and I can also use the tentacles of sea anemones to build nests and lay eggs with ease. For sea anemones, we can use the free access of clownfish to attract other fish, but also increase the chance of predation.

We clown fish can also remove necrotic tissues and parasites from anemones, because the movement of clown fish can reduce the deposition of debris into anemone bushes.

One of the fascinating things about our clown fish is that we can change our gender ourselves. So far, you still don’t know how this peculiar habit came into being and how the sex of our young fish was divided.

We clownfish are very domain minded. Usually a pair of clownfish, male and female, will occupy a sea anemone and prevent our other peers from entering.

Well, our clown fish flag and custom fish embroidery patches are cute, so what are you hesitating about? Take me home quickly!

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