Holding the female flag of pottery

Holding the female flag of pottery

The beautiful women in the flag, because of their beautiful appearance, delicate and smooth display of mellow and gorgeous, composition of radiation and shock, so that the painting quickly caused a sensation at home and abroad.

The implication of the girl in the oil painting holding the pottery pot is that, in the turbulent world, the ever-changing landscape in nature forms a strong contrast with the eternal beauty of human beings, which effectively sets off the girl’s ease and freedom.

Why do you like this picture

Angel, a classical painter, absorbed the realistic skills of his predecessors during the Renaissance, so he made his own sketch skills, and at the same time, brought his own sketch skills into full play.

However, what’s different here is that, like massachuo, Michelangelo and so on, the naked women of these masters embody a kind of beautiful ideal full of human nature. However, in the painting of naked women, what Ingres places on is the concept of eternal beauty. In fact, a good work mainly lies in seeking a kind of expressive force combining lines and forms.

Quality and shape of living room wall flag

Our wall flags are colorful and full of dreams. And it can be made into single-sided or double-sided printing wall flag. Single side printing is to see through from the back, and the back is a mirror image; double sided printing has a seal, and the inner lining is sewn inside, so it can’t be seen through.

Each flag has double stitches, which are tear resistant and not easy to fade. The stitching color of the flag is good-looking and beautiful. We have a quality control department. All our products must go through strict inspection before packing. Therefore, we will be responsible for the quality of wall flag products.

Welcome to customize the flag of world famous paintings

If you like your living room and hope your life is more wonderful, come to our company to customize the world famous painting flag, we will bring you unexpected surprise.

At the same time, we can also customize, beautiful holding pottery female enamel pin, the price is very favorable. Hang a fine flag, improve high-end quality, wholesale and retail. All our wall flags are sold to other countries, so there is no minimum order quantity.

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