HD85512b Super Earth Wall Flag

HD85512b Super Earth Flag

HD85512b, astronomers have discovered a new extragalactic terrestrial planet called HD85512b. How big is the big planet on our flag?

It is about 36 light-years from Earth.

According to a new study, if you have enough cloud coverage,

The planet will be one of the closest extrasolar planets ever discovered.

The study points out that if you have 50% cloud coverage,

HD85512b may have liquid water and life.

The planet is located in Sailor, 36 light-years from the sun.

The mass is 4.6 times that of the Earth.

Researchers hope to someday confirm whether there is water on the planet\’s surface.

HD85512b Super Earth Wall Flag

HD85512b Super Earth Wall Flag

It orbits an orange dwarf star.

Just like our planet wall flag is around the customer’s requirements.

It relies on the European Southern Observatory’s high-precision planetary searcher for azimuthal velocity in Chile.

Astronomers discovered the planet.

Visual velocity observation is a planetary search technique, which determines the gravitational pull of a planet orbiting a star by observing the changes in its light rays.

Data obtained by HARPS show that HD85512b is 3.6 times the mass of the Earth.

The distance from the parent star allows liquid water to exist on the surface.

Scientists say the presence of liquid water is crucial to the formation of life.

Keltner points out that planetary formation models show that planets with a mass of more than 10 times that of Earth have an atmosphere, consisting mainly of hydrogen and helium.

Smaller planets, including HD85512b, are more likely to have Earth-like atmospheres. Our business consists mainly of badges and custom embroidery patches.

HD85512b is the second extragalactic rocky planet discovered so far in the habitable region of stars.

The temperature in the habitable area is neither too high nor too low, allowing liquid water to exist.

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