Ginkgo flag

Ginkgo flag

Ginkgo flag, a piece of bright yellow leaves of Ginkgo biloba, quietly falling, warm and poetic, pure and full of romance, make our habitat so beautiful. We make custom Ginkgo embroidery patches also at cheap price.

In the fluttering season, I want to go to a feast of life about Ginkgo biloba. The beauty of Ginkgo Tree is not in Ginkgo Tree itself, but in a dream about Ginkgo Tree. There is a place where ginkgo is golden and brilliant. You can walk around as you like. You can also stay idle. You can see the happy local people under the ginkgo tree. Every family makes a flag of ginkgo tree and hangs it under the eaves of the door. Suddenly, you can find a kind of beauty that happens unexpectedly.

China is the home of Ginkgo biloba, and the Ginkgo tree in Tengchong Ginkgo Village is the largest, most concentrated and oldest Ginkgo forest found in Yunnan so far. Jiangdong Ginkgo Village is located in the East and west of Gudong Town, Tengchong County, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province. It is 39 kilometers away from Tengchong County Town. It is known as the ancient Ginkgo Village because there are more than 2000 acres of concentrated ancient Ginkgo trees in the village.

Ginkgo Village, known as “the first ginkgo kingdom in the world”, is extremely beautiful in late autumn, with yellow leaves flying in front of and behind houses. At that time, the ginkgo tree was the most yellow, and the whole village was covered in a golden color. When the breeze blows, there are pieces of dead leaves dancing in the air. When they fall, they are thick and covered with roofs, alleys, ridges and so on.

Trees and trees are autumn, hills and mountains only fall, and the beauty of ginkgo trees is also on the flag.

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