Football flag

Football flag

Football, with the reputation of “the first sport in the world”, is the most influential single sport in the world. Good sport, in the football flag. The football embroidery patches also welcome at cheap price.

Football is a popular sport for many people. Look at our football flag. Football standard 11-person system, football matches are divided by two teams of 10 players and a goalkeeper, a total of 22 people, in the rectangular grassland court to confront, defend, attack. The goal of the game is to try to shoot the football into the opponent’s goal. Every goal is scored to get a point. When the game is over, the team with more points wins.

If the score is the same within the stipulated time, it depends on the rules of the game. There are football flags flying everywhere on the court. The two teams can draw lots, play extra time or shoot each other a penalty. In football matches, except that the goalkeeper can touch the football with his hands in his own restricted area, each player on the court can control the football only by using other parts of his body besides his hands.

Football originated from Qi State in ancient China during the Warring States Period. Football was named Cuju at that time. Cuju in Han Dynasty was a means of training soldiers and a relatively complete system was established. For example, a special court is set up, which is rectangular in the East and West direction. Six symmetrical “ju domains” are set at each end, also known as “ju rooms”, and each is guarded by one person. The site is surrounded by walls. The game is divided into two teams, each with offense and defense, to kick into the opponent’s bowl to determine the number of times the victory or defeat.

It can be seen that football is a popular fitness sport. Take the football flag and go to the fitness bar!

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