Flying Swallow Flags on Horses

Flying Swallow Flags on Horses

Our flag tells us that in Leitai, Wucheng, Gansu Province, in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, a bronze ware with a combination of horses and swallows was unearthed.

The foot of the bronze horse on the flag, stepping on the back of the flying swallow, three feet soared into the air and hoarsed. It is a bronze work of art loved by everyone, known as “the Horse Stepping on the flying swallow”.

Many books and flags use it as illustrations, and even as a landmark pattern of China’s tourism industry. However, scholars have different opinions on the names of horses and birds, because each copper sculpture has different shapes.

Each bronze Pegasus runs towards the flag in different shapes, strong physique and high spirits. One of the galloping horses stepped on the back of the swallow and took off with three feet, fully showing a steed that surpassed the speed of the swallow and galloped forward bravely.

While people appreciate the horse stepping on the swallow flag, they can’t help wondering why the Han people cast these beautiful bronze horses. Scholars have made various discussions on this issue. Different opinions on the birds in the works will also lead to different understandings of the works.

Ma Ta Feiyan is an outstanding representative of bronze art in the Eastern Han Dynasty. A thousand-mile horse was galloping, and a little bird was flying, looking back in astonishment. Everything happens in an instant, but it gives people a vast imagination space.

Our flag craftsmen have used the artistic techniques of realism and Romanticism to combine the galloping horse and the flying bird on the flag with their rich imagination, delicate conception and skillful craftsmanship. The galloping horse’s vigorous vitality and unprecedented momentum have all been displayed with the galloping speed, vivid shape and ingenious conception of the flying bird. In the flag and badge.

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