Flags hang high

Flags hang high

The liveliness of the New Year is actually the liveliness of children. They set off firecrackers, filled their pockets with candy, held flags in their hands, and walked around happily.

Twenty-three years later, black night, began to bark more dogs. Even if all the dogs bark together, no one will be anxious. Adults all know that it must be children in groups of three and five, carrying lanterns and flags, walking around the streets and playing.

In fact, at this time, adults are also not idle, gathering together to talk about the year, discuss the purchase of New Year’s goods, or play cards together. If you listen to the loud voice of the family, you will know that the children are together, more beautiful than the flag of the family, whose flag is hanging high, and most of the children will go to the family to visit the door.

Everyone will get some melon seeds and candies and a small flag besides smiling at each other. Every family has a happy mood, and children come to visit it. It will be very busy for a while, and it will be prosperous in the coming year.

On a cold winter evening, the children were not afraid of the cold. Several little friends played hide-and-seek and covered the eyes of other children with their favorite flag. Then it’s not easy to find out where you hide in the dark.

Fortunately, when they do not know each other, they will grotesquely hum as a reminder when they see that they can not find themselves. Or stop raising your voice, I’m here! Then, pulling off the flag cloth, several people laughed happily for half a day.

More often, many adults will make lanterns with flags and walk through every street of the village in order to protect the safety of a village for the New Year.

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