Flag of wisdom

Flag of wisdom

There is a flag of wisdom, a person, timely abandonment is a kind of wisdom, it will allow you to more soberly examine yourself, internal potential and external factors, will make you tired of physical and mental adjustment.

Blind persistence is better than rational abandonment. He who painstakingly retains the sunset is a fool, and he who has long mourned the spring is a fool. Only in the flag of wisdom can we see ourselves clearly.

People who can’t give up anything often lose something more precious. When appropriate, give yourself a chance, learn to give up, in order to get more.

I know you’ll come, so I’ll wait. For the past, don’t forget, but let it go. Because there is tomorrow in the flag of wisdom, and today is always the starting line.

Simple life is charming, simple heart is happy; learning to be simple is not easy. In this flag of wisdom, there are always things we can’t accomplish, feelings we can’t possess, places we can’t reach and defects we can’t repair.

Life is a piece of white paper. Every step we take, we add a pen to life. Whether your family is prosperous or difficult, there must be a flag of wisdom, which can be used to depict the beauty of life.

Whether you take a pencil or a color pen. Life is a practice, with the flag of wisdom to practice a heart.

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