Flag of Perth

Flag of Perth

Perth, in reality and on the flag, is a lonely city. Custom Perth patches at cheap price.

When it comes to Australia, most people will surely think of Sydney and Melbourne first, while Perth, the capital of Western Australia, in the flag, is not well known to many people. Perth is called the loneliest city in the world because it is far from any big city in the world.

But when you fly from the east coast of Australia to Perth, you won’t be disappointed. Built on the Swan River, Perth has the longest sunshine in Australia every year. It can see cloudless blue skies and sunshine that you have to wear every day for most of the year.

Perth is a vast country with a population of only 1.9 million. We usually refer to Perth as Greater Perth. In terms of administrative division, Perth refers to a small area with only 8 square kilometers in the center of the city, which is the most prosperous part of the city and the only place where high-rise buildings can be seen. Because Perth is in the same time zone as Beijing, it has no time difference with China, but it has time difference with other Australian provinces.

There are many interesting things in Perth, most of which are close to nature. For example, in the flag, you can see a spectacular sunset on the Indian Ocean seashore; while walking in the beautiful King’s Park, you can know the unique plants and birds of Australia; look for the “smiling face” kangaroo on the island of Rotternis like a paradise; and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Swan River in the flag, which must also make you feel very enjoyable!

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