Flag of Mount Chogoli

Flag of Mount Chogoli

The flag we are introducing today is the second highest peak in the world. It is Mt. Chogoli, also known as Mt. K2, with an elevation of 8611 meters.

The height of Mt. Chogoli is second only to the world\’s highest peak, Mt. Qomolangma, which is the main peak of the Karakoram Mountains and is located on the border between China and Pakistan. It belongs to both China and Pakistan.

In the flag, Mt. Chogoli is the highest peak in Pakistan, the second highest peak in China and the world, after Mt. Everest.

Qiaogori Peak is located in the middle of Karakoram Mountains with 35 53′, 76 31′, north latitude and East longitude. The peak belongs to one side of China, in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County.

On July 31, 1954, Italian explorers Noesdelli and Achille Coppagononi made full preparations, holding a flag of the peak, and being the first group to climb the top of the mountain.

Flag of Mount Chogoli

Flag of Mount Chogoli

Mt. Chogory is recognized as one of the most difficult mountain climbing peaks in the international mountaineering community. Later, as long as climbers climbed the mountain, they would plant a flag to commemorate the difficulty of climbing.

Since Chogori is the second peak in the Karakunlun Mountains to be inspected, the internationally recognized name is K2. In addition, the height of Mt. Chogory ranks second among the world’s fourteen peaks over eight kilometers above sea level.

If you don’t have time to climb mountains, then give you a warm home with our carefully designed flag of Mount Chogoli.

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