Flag of love

Flag of love

Love you, the heart will live a you, a unique you, no one can replace you, you are the flag I love.

When you go away, but no longer find, no trace of you, no future of you, become a person of me, no love story in the flag.

Love you, cherish you in the bottom of my heart, a beautiful and wrong time, a moving and incomplete story, an unfinished and aesthetic flag scroll, vague figure, vague voice, maybe, after many years, you will never be remembered again!


Flowers blossom and fade, spring goes to autumn, and autumn comes slowly. It is also a season of missing, a season of wandering, and a season of flag flying. I will not be here as expected.

After autumn, wait for winter, wait for spring, wait for snowflakes to fall, and smell the fragrance of plum blossoms. If you can’t smell it, it may have withered, you are far away, then let snow, ice cover the forever of deep love, let the wind bury this love, which can’t be stranded.

Night is quiet, late at night, I am alone, recall, miss, explain in a thousand ways, comfort, always can not be relieved. Only the flag, a person’s sadness.

Loneliness, engulfing the past, can also be drunk; sad, hold oneself, can also sleep. I really love you, keep the banner of love.

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