Flag of Life Direction

Flag of Life Direction

Life can not always be satisfactory, but continue to walk towards the sun, the shadow will hide behind. The flag of the direction of life is the direction you want to go!

It is our common direction to live in harmony with nature, to live in the light, to hope, to keep pace with heaven and earth, to walk with love, to live with flags, and to live in harmony with nature. Good mood things go smoothly, not willing to put aside, towards the sunshine, dawn in front of us.

If we choose the direction facing the sun, then we are doomed to bear the dazzling light, we choose the flag of life direction, then the only thing left to the world is the back; if we choose the direction facing the sun, although we can not face the dazzling light, we can only see our own shadow.

Life can’t be smooth. Sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty. Bittersweet. Everyone has to go through it. Learn to maintain your happiness, to be grateful and to keep your face in the light. Over time, you have naturally learned the trick of getting along with happiness. Hope that when you stand out with the flag, you will let people see the glory of life from you.

Life is very short. The direction of life is very important. Success and failure are no big deal. Just remember that the outside world is rainy and windy, gains and losses are common, the most important thing is to keep in line with the banner of life, stick to your heart and never forget your original intention.

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