Flag of happiness

Flag of happiness

When you are young, happiness is a thing, you will be happy if you have it; when you grow up, happiness is a banner, you will be happy when you reach it; when you mature, you will find that happiness is a state of mind and you will be happy when you understand it.

The banner of happiness is not how much we have, but what we have and what we cannot have. Character determines how long you live, laughing at the gains and losses will open the sky, heart will be transparent spring.

I want a flag of my own castle, which has no sadness, no falsehood, no lies, only my mood, only my own picture.

I want happiness, happiness without end, happiness without end, happiness without end, and happiness without end. I want flag, which belongs to me forever.

Smile, everyone may be happy, happy, maybe this will forget all the past, happiness, so that there may be a flag of motivation.

Every time I wantonly write down my feelings, I just want to embroider a flag for my mood, and these irrelevant words are locked in my memory. It’s hard to imagine whether I would go mad if I just kept my feelings in my heart, so I wrote what I wanted to say in the flag.

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