Flag of Bromo Volcano

Flag of Bromo Volcano

The volcano on this flag is Bromo volcano, located in the southwest of Java Island, Indonesia, at an altitude of 3,676 meters. It is the highest mountain in Java. Fifty-five eruptions of magnitude 2-3 have occurred since 1818.

It was photographer Achmad Sumawijaya who waited three hours to capture this morning foggy image of Bromo and Semero volcanoes. These two volcanoes are located in Indonesia’s East Java Province. Some Indonesians believe that volcanoes are entrances to the underworld.

In East Java, Indonesia, long shadows are formed when sunlight passes through trees and clouds at dawn. Photographer Adl Chai took this view from the side of Mount Bromo, an active volcano, one of Indonesia’s most famous mountains and the most beautiful volcano in our chess.

This active volcano, with its fearsome features like the surface of the moon, is one of Indonesia’s most spectacular landscapes. Bromo volcano on chess is also the soul of the whole plateau. This deserted and uninhabited area gives people a sense of the end of the world, especially at sunrise.

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