Flag motto

Flag motto

The banner says that if you want to be a better person, you have to see the bigger world, know more wonderful people and learn more knowledge.

You don’t need too much praise because you know how good you are. The inner strength is always better than the outer flamboyance.

I deeply believe that there will be someone who will love me with all his strength. My crying, my laughter, my willfulness, my gentleness, my dependence, my selfishness, my naivety, my carelessness, my madness, my quietness, my flag, and all the hearts I have tried my best to love you.

The flag says that everyone is doomed to meet that special person. Life is not about compromise. The more you flinch, the less room you have to breathe.

Days are not meant to be ready. The more humble you are, the farther away things in the banner of happiness will be from you. In some cases, it is not necessary to put oneself too low. Those who belong to oneself should actively strive for it.

Before some people, you don’t have to tolerate them over and over again. You can’t let others trample on your bottom line. There are flags to guide our hearts and to be the best of ourselves.

Life should be easy-going but not easy-going, tolerant and not accommodating. Don’t regret missing the flag any more. Give yourself a smiling face every day and tell yourself to be happy, because living healthily is a joy in itself compared to those who struggle on the death line.

All you can see is the flag and the realm of your life. Life experiences bring up people with different personalities and thoughts. A successful person must rely on his own firm ideas, and your belief in success, rather than follow the thoughts of others. We should learn to be independent. Every flag has its own value.

Many times, we say that if we can’t put down the flag, we can put down the past. In fact, we don’t really put it down. We just pretend to be very happy and then touch the scars in a quiet corner alone. Be a strong self.

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