Flag hanging in marble caves in Chile

Flag hanging in marble caves in Chile

Chile’s natural marble caves are absolutely a natural wonder and one of the most beautiful caves in the world. Chile is far away, but we can see the scenery on the flag.

This cave is a masterpiece of nature. It consists of a series of water-filled marble caves, which show people how magnificent and magnificent the earth once was. Inside these blue caves carved with water, the turquoise general lake of Karela reflects sunlight, making the scenery on the flag even more gorgeous.

Light reflects into the cave and back to the marble wall, forming a fascinating light. The flagged Lake Carrera, the second largest freshwater lake in South America, is located in Patagonia, Chile. In this natural marble church, Colorado landscape photographers and environmentalists took a series of wonderful pictures. The beautiful scenery is on our flag!

Water gives marble walls a unique shape. Geologists gave a simple explanation for the beautiful blue color of the lake. They believed that the fine glacial powder gave the lake an extraordinary blue color, and at the same time made the lake crystal transparent and full of fantastic color. They loved Chile’s marble caves to hang flags.

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