Ferrari Car Flags

Ferrari Car Flags

Ferrari is the world’s most famous manufacturer of racing cars and sports cars. Every Ferrari that comes out of the factory has a beautiful flag.

Ferrari was founded in 1929. The company is headquartered in Modena, Italy. Its founder is Enzo Ferrari, an epoch-making automotive designer and world champion. In nearly a century of history, Ferrari has launched many world-renowned automobile products and badges with flags.

In 1947, when the first Ferrari left the historic factory entrance in Maranello, the story officially began. Ferrari’s legendary logo and car flag logo have an extraordinary origin.

The logo was originally used as a personal badge by the highly decorated Italian World War I pilot, Air Force martyr Francesco Baracca, who painted the badge on the fuselage of the aircraft he was flying and on the flag of a car.

In 1923, Enzo Ferrari met Francisco’s mother in a racing race. The mother was very proud of her son’s heroic record. She proposed that Enzo Ferrari put the jumping horse sign on his son’s fighter plane on his seat and on his flag.

Ferrari manufactures Formula One racing cars, racing cars and high-performance sports cars. What distinguishes them from other cars is that each Ferrari car and its flag hanging is an exquisite work of art.