Dr. Ali’s Flag

Dr. Ali’s Flag

Dr. Ali’s flag, which can be said to be as unique as Dr. Ali’s, is a flag of wisdom.

Dr. Ali calls himself a genius inventor and is keen on scientific experiments. A neighbor of the new Koto family. After the new one became smaller, he introduced the new boarding house in Xiao Wulang Maori, and invented many devices to help solve the new case. He was Conan’s most trusted understander and assistant. Conan’s Taoism was invented by him. Now I live with Gray Plains. Car-loving is the Volkswagen Beetle. He was the first person to know the real identity of Konan Edogawa.

Dr. Ali's Flag

Dr. Ali’s Flag

In the flag, Dr. Ali said that he used to like Ash Plains Sadness very much. In his evaluation of Ash Plains Sadness, he said that Ash Plains Sadness would strictly control Dr. Ali’s diet. In their daily life, it was like a husband and wife.

Some people think that Conan in the flag doubted that the doctor was a bad man: “Why did the organizers seem to know Shirley’s whereabouts, why did my anesthesia gun in the piano wine still move freely?” But in fact, the reason why the piano wine knew that Shirley would be in the cup-house restaurant was that he knew Shirley’s personality; and the reason why he got the anesthesia gun was not fainting, was that all. Because of the protection of invisible badges.

It was because he kept awake by shooting himself in the arm before coma. So Conan’s thinking is a hint that Dr. Boss is Boss and a misunderstanding of the plot.

Finally, in the process of the Conan Tracing Organization, Dr. Ali has been a powerful assistant and strong backing of the Conan Tracing Organization. The characters in Dr. Ali’s banner are delicate and persistent.

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